29 January 2016

tenner plants

The report here is much the same. Buces and java fern came loose where the thread rotted way before I expected it to. I went back to using rubber bands.
Here's one tiny buce 'blue bell' that has its own stone now...
Next to the others it came loose from:
Yeah, that didn't work so well either. Band slipped loose again.
The 'isabelle' came loose from the driftwood and I really didn't want to pull that one out again and kick mulm all over the place. Tried to fasten it down hands in the tank, but it didn't work so well.
There's only one piece of bacopa monnieri still intact in my bigger tank, but it is growing new leaves. Here in the tenner I had to peg the two monnieri down again, this time with pinched plastic strips. If that doesn't hold them, I give up. (Seen through the plastic sheeting here, ambient light so not so pretty all the scratches on the film visible).
The downoi plant stayed down, now that I've got it pegged with a lead strip. Waiting to see if it grows.
Noticed my wisteria plant has some uneven holes in the leaves and ragged edges. Not sure if it's a snail eating them, or a nutrient deficiency or what. But it looks like something I've seen online, so going to see if I can figure it out..
There are lots of tiny roundish snails in here now. Some look like pond snails, others I viewed under the microscope and they're definitely ramshorns. I took out the mother ramshorn, also the one with white-streaked shell in the thirty-eight (my kid said "that snail looks old") and they became escargot for the fishes. Because for some reason suddenly when I started seeing tiny baby snails everywhere I didn't want them. Trumpet snails are okay, but I don't want loads of pond snails or ramshorns too, and I didn't realize that until I saw them in there. I've scraped out two more ramshorn egg cases, gradually plucking out all the baby snails I find, and will bait with lettuce too.

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