23 January 2016

snowed in

but we are staying warm enough. I noticed this morning the heat was going constantly. Turned the thermostat down to 66°, shut the heat vents in all the unused rooms, blocked the bottom of those doorways with towels, closed heavy drapes across sliding glass doors in the basement. We didn't have more weather-stripping so I blocked the draft from an outside doorjamb with a wide strip of painter's tape. It works. Now the heat rests itself periodically, and we're wearing extra socks and sweaters. My coleus really don't like the cold- they have dropped some lower leaves. I put plastic wrap across that kitchen window to keep off some of the chill.
The succulents don't mind it as much, and other plants I have moved back from the windows, or they're near enough a heat vent to be okay. This morning the snow drifted against sliding glass door by the plant spot was just topping the echeveria pots-
It's gradually gotten deeper and deeper.
The pot of baby echeveria is looking lovely, by the way.
And in another room one of my parlor palms is throwing out some cheer- this seed frond thing.
The styrofoam behind the fish tanks has kept in some warmth, it seems. I haven't touched Oliver's heater, but now its steady at 79° (a degree higher than usual). On the thirty-eight I tried to adjust the heater yesterday, but its knob sticks and I wasn't sure if I manage to move it up a notch or not. Now that tank is two degrees higher than before- lately it's been around 74° but now 76°. Better for these fishes anyway.

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