23 January 2016


There's a lot of it, and it hasn't stopped yet. I went out this morning to shovel when it was relatively calm- at that point it was about 28", there's definitely more now.
I did not make a lot of progress. Cleared a path across the head of the driveway and that was it. Wind came up again and I went inside. Plenty of time to shovel when it's all done blowing. 
Other side of my car- I bet it will be completely buried again by morning!
My husband's car- when I started shoveling the path (a few hours ago)
and now-
It's nearly buried my coldhouse, too.
And flattened some of our shrubs- I knocked the snow off one by the front door which normally has an upright box shape but now was a flat, splayed fan. I didn't make the effort to reach the others- hopefully they don't break too many branches.

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