14 January 2016

plant stuff

Yeah, I've been keeping a close eye on the tanks what with new plants and all lately. The dwarf rotala in the tenner is not doing so great. A few pieces are holding on and their leaf size is increasing- but every day I find more floating on the surface. I thought it was caused by these guys (funny oto perching just past vertical on a bacopa caroliniana stem)
but saw something quite different- the little trumpet snails are elbowing their way down to eat the rotting root bits off the dwarf rotala stems, and setting them loose from the substrate! I weighed down a clump with a rock:
On the other hand, the rotala indica stems I planted in front of the fake skull are actually looking rather decent-
I didn't expect it to become a favorite plant, but I keep admiring the little windelov ferns in here. Seen backlit with ambient light, they fairly glow (central in the pic)
To the right of this small bit fastened on a stone you can see two tiny trumpet snails.
I took another full tank shot- it's kind of a mess right now and will look different tomorrow when I add more plants!

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