16 January 2016

plant report 38

I took pics of the plants that came in last week and last month, just because pleased with their progress. So here they are.
On the elodea, original foliage seems to be melting, but there are new small shoots darker green in color that look healthy.
Bacopa caorliniana is straightening up, otherwise not really looking attractive yet...
My crypts are definitely greener!
The rotala indica is suddenly looking like it once did in my 20L- nice green stems and quick upward growth. I think soon I should be able to clip and replant its tops. Planning to have it eventually screen the prefilter sponge. Speaking of which, you can see that the bottom portion of the sponge is cleaner than the top- there's some BBA on it and I've been removing and rinsing (in tank wastewater) half of the sponge each week. Rubbing it roughly to dislodge the BBA. It's finally starting to go away.
I thought the windelov fern in here was starting to look decent, but a photograph shows what my eyes just don't pick out- it's still got some thread algae on the fingertips.
Bucephalandra dark godzilla!
How I love the color of this plant. In ambient light
or tank lit:
Aponotegon crispus is at its largest so far, and still going. This side there's still a bit of algae from that week of deprived micros-
but from the other side it looks lovely. I'm growing a jungle now!

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