12 January 2016

plant rearrangements

So of course since I had my hands in the tanks today, moved a few plants I'd wanted to shift already. Put creeping jenny in the background of the thirty-eight. I can see now why it appears to glow when the light is dim- its horizonally positioned leaves catch the light like a mirror:
I must have something going right in here at last, because the rotala is getting greener and taller, and the newest crypts already have baby leaves emerging at base! I'm eager to see what growth habit they take.
I took one of the crypt wendtii in a pot out
and moved it to the tenner behind the log (can you see Oliver?)
While I had the lid off and most of the duckweed scooped out (to avoid it getting in the way- yeah, there's enough that now some sticks on my arms when I'm working in the tank, just like people said) I took another overhead shot. This one didn't have to be patched together, but blocking glare from both sides (it's flanked by two windows) made it so dim doesn't come out in sharp focus-
And here's an opposite side view of the tenner- you can see how much the anubias really is shaded now. And it's happy! Another shoot is emerging (really, it's not so dim as this but looks that way because this is the side with plastic sheet blocking window light).


Hkiwi1846 said...

You could probably make 5 or more plants from that Anubias. Basically every 2 nodes can be a new plant.

Jeane said...

Well when it outgrows the space I will divide it and sell or swap some. But as you can see, there's no room for another barteri in this tank- it would overshadow all the smaller plants!

Hkiwi1846 said...

That's true! I'm keeping mine trimmed so I don't get huge leaves because I don't have the space, but they are stunning.