21 January 2016

more buces

I had let the seller know of my initial disappointment in the condition the bucephalandra arrived in (damaged leaves and some algae) and he kindly sent me some extras to make up for it. More than made up for it- it's four additional varieties, quite a number of the smaller ones. They weren't packaged as meticulously- to be expected, I didn't pay for this lot. I mention it to make note that the plants arrived just as safely- no serious cold damage even though they were simply placed in plastic ziplocs wrapped in a single layer of newspaper, in a flat rate box.

These two are bucephalandra 'midnight blue' and 'blue bell'
These are bucephalandra 'selena' and 'isabelle'.
I followed the same procedure as last time for disinfecting: sprayed them down with mix of hydrogen peroxide and water, let it sit while I set up the smaller QT container. Rinsed under running tapwater, then again in bucket of water with extra dechlor. Put in the QT with heater and circulation, for overnight.
I tried to do a bit of the work ahead of time by deciding where to place each plant and fastening some down to rocks.
This one I split in half- figured I'll put a bit of each kind in the smaller tank too, and see how they do.
smaller half went on a rock, the other will tie to driftwood in the thirty-eight,
One of them had a very long, trailing piece of rhizome. There was a tiny leaf and a small growing node space apart; I cut the rhizome into a few pieces and tied down to see if it will sprout.
Tomorrow will be another planting day!
and that's it for a while- in terms of new plants- I have to see what success I get first

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