12 January 2016


Picked up an empty tenner cheap secondhand, but just as I was at checkout accidentally banged the corner on the counter. So had to buy, damaged it myself right in front of the clerk. I have silicone sealant but have only used it to make a lid hinge, and to patch a cracked intake pipe, neither of which are as crucial as a corner seam. Am asking on the forums how salvagable this is now.
(I intended to use the tank for my QT and ditch the plastic tubs - it's too dim to see thru the sides and not quite enough volume for easing dosing meds, etc.)


Hkiwi1846 said...

I think at Walmart 10 gallon tanks are 15 bucks

Jeane said...

Yeah- well, I'm looking to get one for $10 or less. I can wait for a sale at the chain. I have two plastic storage tubs I use for QT/ hospital tank but it's not ideal (not best size for figure out dosages, and can't see symptoms exactly clear). But I can wait to find a cheap tank again.