23 January 2016

buces in the tenner

There were enough bucephalandra individuals that I'm trying some out in the smaller tank, too. 'Isabelle' went onto the driftwood piece, sharing space with anubias barteri (who sacrificed a few older leaves to avoid shading her too much). I thought I had tied this one down well, but the next morning it's only held down by one of the threads. Don't want to take the driftwood out again (makes a mess) so waiting to see if it can grasp itself on without more help....
Small segment of buce 'selena' tied to a rock.
Even smaller bits of rhizome that were a long, trailing piece. Not sure which species. I think more 'selena'. Hello, trumpet snail!
A bunch of little 'blue bell' bits tied onto a rock.
Some more pieces of what I think are also 'blue bell' (but their leaves lie more flat) tied onto the driftwood between and behind clumps of windelov fern here- difficult to see yet.
Windelov is really the star here.

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