11 December 2015

tenner plants

Time for an update! In my betta's tank, the vallisneria I planted seems to be doing well.
Even though they often get uprooted from the substrate; one morning I found the biggest just floating on the surface. I think it's because the eager otos sit on their narrow leaves and nibble, dislodging them. But even though they are often a bit pulled up, they seem to be hanging on and growing.
Not quite so well with the rotala bits. I've planted in here a dozen or so more stems cut out of the other tank, but lots of these get jarred loose by the otos as well. I was sticking them back in the substrate at first but it's tricky and a pain. The last few that came loose I simply tossed. Willing to just keep those that can get their roots down fast enough to hang on.
The aren't really noticeable yet unless viewing from the side
and tend to lean to the right for some reason. A bit of indirect light from the window is my guess.
Also why the glass looks dim and greenish in upclose photos, but I don't mind. It keeps oto bellies full! The algae rocks are more treats for them than a staple. Last time I put one in they were gathered on it feeding before I was even finished with the water change.
On another note, the water wisteria in back corner is getting taller, but looks kind of leggy. And as often as I shove the two smaller bits of it down into the substrate, an oto will sit on one and uproot it again. I might have to wait until the main wisteria plant is big enough to cut its head off and replant that, to get a second plant really established.
A few weeks ago I took a sheet of scrap plastic (off a toy package or something) and simply laid it over the sliding top on the left side of the tank, blocking a bit more light above the main anubias. It seems to have helped, this plant is looking better. No more impulse to trim out algae-blackened leaves.

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