27 December 2015

spot swap

I have never ever before transplanted outside in the middle of winter. But I did last week. There are four nicotiana still green in the pathetic planting bed at the end of the backyard, and I took the two raggedy slug-eaten ones out of pots on the porch, put them in the ground.
It's been a week and they're doing fine!
In their place I dug up a handful of mock strawberry from a muddy spot near the compost bin, and put these in the pots on the front porch. Need something green. I do like their leaves and would like them close to be admired...

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Jeane said...

My husband keeps asking me if the nicotiana are weeds, every time he walks by them he feels prompted to pull them out. I guess the flat growing habit and broad, unimpressive leaves look rather like some weeds.