19 December 2015


I had a trip to the pet store with purpose today- to get three more cherry barb and bring my group up to fifteen. They're in the little QT tank now, looking okay, not too stressed. A small male and two females. I was surprised how good the aquariums looked at the shop this time- I didn't see any dead fish, no ich, not even shredded fins. When I asked to get some fish the employee first said "what size is your tank?" That says a lot.

So I looked at everything else, too, in case there were any true SAEs (nope) but found a pretty little horned nerite snail. A softer, golden brown color not the bold bumblebee black-and-yellow like most I see. And a ramshorn which I got for free.
(You know those are pest snails, right?)
Right. And I guess I've been lucky so far to have males, this one appears to be a female. Because I took this pic to see how much my little windelov ferns have grown in the tenner,
and after the ramshorn passed over it
there's a jelly-like smear on the leaf (lower right). I'm pretty sure it's snail eggs. Scraped it off. Will have to keep tabs on her!
Speaking of snails, I'm not sure what's wrong with the other ramshorn. Shell pale streaks all over. The others in this tank look fine. I've provided a piece of cuttlebone, too. Maybe it is just older than the others...

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Jeane said...

Ok, I was wrong! Ramshorn don't have male/female. They are hermaphrodite and can self-fertilized. So my other ramshorns either didn't find excess food to encourage reproduction, or tank conditions simply not optimal for them.