26 December 2015

fish stuff

My gray spotted oto died. I thought it was doing better. I was doing 20-25% water changes every day. The pale patches seemed to be diminishing. But it suddenly looked very skinny the day before yesterday, and then crashed on the tank bottom. Gone. I still have two- the more golden hued ones look fine. This one is sitting on top of the wisteria I just trimmed and replanted its top, to multiply the plant.
I also took a stone with windelov fern bit out of the bigger tank, moved it in here to the front corner that had vallisneria (put that in the back corner with the other vals).
Trying to think why that oto got fungus. It seemed to happen after the last time I put an algae rock in the tank. I do rinse those windowsill jars out once a week and put new tank water in, have been dripping in some liquid ferts too. I didn't think it was that scummy, but maybe something on there made the oto sick? Or a snail brought it in, but I think the fish was sick before the new snails...

Three cherry barbs in QT are doing well. They have eaten flake, spirulina wafer, green peas, garlic-soaked bloodworms. I do a small partial water change every other day, siphoning out waste from the bottom, to make sure it stays clean enough. Small male is harassing the females, flirting constantly and chasing them. I think when it's time I'll move him out first; the females hide so much from him I can't get a good look at them. But all appear healthy so far.
The other day my black kuhlis suddenly tried to cram under the rock. Must have been a bit of food (or dead snail) under there? Definitely something they scented and were eager to get at!

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