19 November 2015


some stuff into my tenner. These pics are from last friday, but I forgot to post them. The vallisneria is spreading enough now that removing a few which were loosely rooted (I suppose I didn't put them far enough into the substrate the first time) and snipping off runners of some baby plants that were growing out of the area I want them in, did nothing at all to visually diminish their presence in the main tank. I threw away that last bit of helferi that was dying in the back corner, and transplanted the vals there instead.
A few in the front corner on the same side, but it probably gets too much shade from anubias barteri and the substrate is very shallow there so not sure how they'll do.
As another experiment, I put some small trimmings of rotala indica around the fake skull.
Very small- see the size compared to my tomato nerite! I have one tiny bit of rotala in the background of this tank that you can't even see in normal view, and it has not grown noticeably in months. I thought if something in these tank conditions keeps the rotala stunted, perhaps I could simply use that as an advantage and put it around the foreground. I've started trimming back the worst-looking rotala in the thirty-eight, and just replanting the nicest tops.
On top of that piece, fastened down a few more bits of java fern that came loose from the driftwood in the bigger tank. Maybe they will do better in here.
Likewise I found a few more pieces of windelov variety floating loose and tied those down in here too.
Hopefully some of this takes.

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