15 November 2015


Checking in on my backyard plants. Very surprised to find a bit of fern growing back! I thought they were all dead. Let's see if this one makes it.
I've learned that the ornamental sage is better known as salvia. Mine is fading into its winter dormancy.
Lenten rose. I counted, there's nine plants in there. Some smaller than others. I think in spring I'll have to spread these out already.

I have two pots of nicotiana on the front porch starting to look shabby, but found three plants in the ground back here that I also thought were goners. They are on the small side but look quite nice.
I don't often take pictures of the liriope, it isn't very impressive. But I do hope these get big enough to divide soon; C wants more of them through the yard.
My baby transplanted shrubs are all still alive, though they don't seem any bigger. I couldn't even get the camera to focus on them.
This is a plant from the daisy family, it makes white flowers. We have three of them, I just cut the dead stems off and the basal foliage is growing back.
Hostas are turning colors. I'm starting to think ours might get too much sun in the dappled part shade here.
This one was the volunteer plant.
Here's an overall picture of that back corner I'm trying to find things to fill it in. Not much to look at yet. C wants to put a seating area back there with some flagstones...
Everything is on a nice dark ground because I just mulched all the plants with compost for the fall. Working on shredding leaves for the pile again.

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