06 October 2015

tenner plants

Since I put a root tab under it, the watersprite has quit looking like it wanted to die, and stayed green instead. I expect these to be slow growers, with the light level so low, but waiting to see something happen.
The anubias seems to be proving my assumption that it got black algae marks from too much light when I bumped it up those two weeks gone. Newer leaves show no sign of ill. Third oldest leaf has the pale marks of Mg deficiency, I think that's corrected now as long as I put epsom salts in once a month. I'm gradually cutting off the older, black-mottled leaves (as new ones grow in) just one a week or so.
The smaller anubias are showing similar response. Except for the more narrow anubias lanceolata- the one on the right here- it still has really pale body to the leaf. Is it just responding slower, or something else amiss. It has come loose from the driftwood, I tried to fasten down again, but don't think the fact that it's not clinging like the others has anything to do with this.
Finally some duckweed multiplying - very slowly though, which suits me just fine. There are now three little clusters of minute leaves, instead of just one.
Java fern is really improving in here. Smaller plants have new leaves emerging now too.

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