21 October 2015

ich report

It has been ten days of treatment now, the two fish in 7 gal QT continue to hide and quiver, but no more sign of ich. They haven't eaten (except for maybe a few bites of peas I offered) but have been pooping and the one that was bloated almost looks normal now. No longer alarmingly distended. I'm starting to gradually reduce the salt concentration. Keeping up the temperature for two more days, then will start slowly lowering that as well.
Unfortunately I might have cross-contaminated my main tank. Two days ago thought I saw ich spot on the tails of two female barbs in the thirtyeight. One is the skinny, harassed-looking one the males keep chasing and inducing to spawn, even though she doesn't look gravid at all. I know it's a crazy idea, but I thought if I grab these fish out before the ich drops off them and infests the tank, maybe I can avoid treating everything. So far nobody else in there looks ill.

I put them in the smaller 5 gal QT but only have the 10 watt miniheater, all others in use. This one isn't adjustable so I can't hold a high temp steady. I am using a medication on them, Ick Guard (victoria green and acriflavine). First two days they looked fine- no stress at all, swimming around relaxed, even ate some flake. Yesterday I gave them a salt bath- 2 TB/gal in a small bucket for 30 min, then slowly diluted back to normal. Even in the salt concentration they looked fine. I swear the ich spots dropped off the day of the salt bath- this morning peered closely and see no sign. But the smaller female looks uncomfortable, her pectoral fins clamped, swimming a bit unevenly. Will continue to treat w/meds three or four more days, hope both QT tanks are clear of illness by end of the week.

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