09 September 2015

yard plants

Checking in on some stuff growing in the yard. My lilac in the front is still green, so that's good. Columbine has disappeared, I think it dried up. Ornamental sage still nice:
Lenten rose babies still here- they sure are slow growers but don't seem bothered by the heat.
There's a hosta here I know we didn't plant- it came up on its own. Makes me wonder what would happen if I saved some hosta seed- could I grow more and what varieties would show.
And I transplanted a bunch of little plants that came up under the bushes that flank the house. I don't know what they're called but they are very common around here in people's yards as foundation plants. The younger, upper leaves tend to be yellowish. A month or so ago I put one at the back edge of the yard just to see how it would do, and to my surprise it is still there, even though I've pretty much ignored it.
So I dug up the biggest ones and moved more back there, to make a line across the back a foot or two from the fence. Thinking it could become a hedge.

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