16 September 2015


A few things wrong in the aquariums. The 38 has more algae- vivid almost-neon green kinds. Green spot algae (GSA) or might be cyanobacteria (which would mean things really are out of balance). Good thing is the BBA slowed up- there's only one little tuft left that I missed, the parts I scraped off aren't regrowing. I crushed a dozen of the biggest trumpet snails to feed the fishes the other day- noticed their innards were quite blue-green. I thought: good, they're eating plenty of algae! I didn't think what kind of algae it might be. When my otos died in the 38 someone on a forum suggested they could have eaten the cyanobacteria and poisoned themselves: its toxic.

I was pleased at first how it worked out feeding snails to the fishes- I took the trouble to rinse the grit out and chop up fine (yeah, kinda gross) which got it just the right size bits that the barbs stuffed their mouths and then had to work at it, so they all kind of hung around chewing their mouthfuls and not bothering anyone else- meanwhile, the kuhlis scurrying around had plenty of snail bites for themselves. I was pleased. I'll do this again- everyone got enough- as long as its not going to make any fish sick.

In the tenner, there's less to worry about. I tried feeding zucchini again- this time speared a fat slice on a wooden skewer and poked into the substrate, as I'd seen someone else do. Behind the plastic plant, where the otos like to hang out on the back wall but Oliver really has to wedge himself.
I thought this would discourage the betta from bothering them. Placing it startled the otos away. Took them half a day to discover it- I saw at least two otos finally eating off it, but they never stayed for long. Maybe they don't really like zucchini? Startled away when I tried to take a picture. I left it in overnight hoping they'd eat more, but probably that was too long- now there's a faint white haze in the water (prompting a small partial water change).
At least they did eat some- so I'll try again- hopefully they will get the idea this can be regular food. But I think next time I'll feed it the day before a regular water change, and put it in later in the day...

I've seen some tiny golden things floating on the water surface in this little tank. Hanging just below it. Smaller than a betta bite. I puzzled for a few days what they could be. I tried to siphon a few off- saw three the first day- but only knocked them so sank to the bottom where I can't locate again. I thought- could it be eggs? some kind of insect? the duckweed multiplying?

No. I think it's tiny snails! I saw another one today- floating just under the water surface- hanging on the surface film- just like I used to see the tiny mts doing! Looking real close at one teensy eensy one I found on the glass, it does have a triangular shape so I think they are baby mts. My fear was they might be pond snails. Lately the local pet store has had tanks overrun with pond snails lately. (Which is why I haven't bought any hornwort from them, even though I've read it releases something into the water that can inhibit algae growth) I don't want a tank overrun with pond snails. So I'm watching carefully to see if any grow into the other shape.

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