04 September 2015

tenner now

Here's how my ten-gallon tank looks now:
Yes, Mavis is back in there. I decided I needed her to help eat the dark algae and poop to feed the plants (not depending on it, but every little bit helps I figure). I took out a plastic plant. It was getting ugly with black stuff on it- algae I thought, but it was very hard to get off. I soaked it in a bleach solution to kill whatever it was and rubbed, then scraped off and it didn't even come all the way clean plus a lot of the leaves broke off. Nudged the bit of wisteria back further to take that corner spot- this one is growing fine.
A piece that came loose and is floating growing root hairs- I'm leaving it there for now.
The two small pieces of cyperus helferi in opposite rear corner still green.
I actually like viewing the tank from the short end, as well.
It still looks rather empty because the plant growth is all low horizontal but I'm trying to get more stuff to grow tall (helferi, rotala, wisteria) and I usually view it slightly from above and at an angle, anyways.

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