18 September 2015

small changes

in the tenner today during water change.
I trimmed off some roots on the side of the biggest anubias barteri that was getting all messy-looking. It's gripping very solid on the driftwood, has some thick roots that have gone down conforming to the wood all the way. Read that these hairy side roots aren't really essential to the plant.
The new plants I put in here a while back never did well. Probably not enough light. Funny, the bit of wisteria top that I planted is doing ok, the cropped piece never sprouted any new leaves on the top. I discarded that bit and planted alongside, the one that had been floating.
Cyperus helferi isn't looking so good either. I trimmed a lot of dying material out. Put a few handfuls more of gravel around this one and the wisteria, and gave them each a piece of root tab.
Still have the bit of duckweed, but it hasn't multiplied yet.

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