04 September 2015


I cleaned the inside of glass on the tenner yesterday, makes for much better pictures. (Plenty of biofilm left on the back wall, lower edges & corners, all the plant surfaces and driftwood/skull items for the otos. I figure if they didn't clean it sparkling in the fews weeks I was gone, they're not going to deplete their sources and starve anytime soon).
Very happy that my two otos are still doing well.
It's fun to see them nibbling all over the skull, in constant motion.
And you can see from all these, the java fern seems to be doing well now.
I've noticed that they don't actually sit on their bellies when resting. Instead prop themselves up on the pelvic fins- so from a certain angle it looks like they're hovering there.
Look careful you can see the little fins holding them up.

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