03 September 2015

a small harvest

The harvest from my garden has been so small. Not enough green beans to make even one serving at a time (I recently took the plants out, they looked diseased from japanese beetles) and just a few cherry tomatoes and peppers. I used these on pizza.
The pepper I transplanted out of the little garden bed is making what look like bell peppers, but are more oblong. Maybe because I pick them before they are quite mature. The other pepper plant I left in the garden hasn't produced anything.
I cut down the swiss chard plant again- used it to make a small quiche. Didn't really use a recipe this time- I only had one egg and they all call for five to seven! I also had no cream, nor the right kind of cheese, so I made do and just threw it together- sauteed the chard in olive oil with one whole onion diced up. Put that in the bottom of a half-baked pie crust (I put the crust in the pan and set it in the over while the oven is warming up sometimes) beat the egg with about a cup of milk and a half cup of grated parmesan plus some shredded mozarella and poured that over the chard/onions. Put it in the over for about five minutes while I sliced the few garden tomatoes I had, then set the tomatoes on top and let it finish baking. It was way heavier on onions and tomatoes, way lighter on eggs than any recipe I'd seen, but it tasted good. And used what I had.

I did something different with the pizza dough this time. Instead of setting the oven on low (170°) to put the dough to rise, I simply set it in a sunny spot. I figured why not let the warm sun do the work, instead of using electricity and heating up my kitchen? It worked-
Doubled in size at least, and that's all I needed!

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