29 August 2015

tenner inhabitants

They're all doing well. Oliver looks great.
The otos are nice and fat. Scummy looking glass there, because I leave the back wall uncleaned for them to nibble and scrape on. A month and a half, now. I'm starting to feel confident these two will stay with me.
Anbuias growing new leaves,
but all the older ones have gray/black algae marks. So I still need to adjust something...
When I put that grassy plant in the other tank, a bit broke off and I stuck it in here (back corner). It's doing better than the other two.
There's also a bit of rotala and some water wisteria stems I put in here to see if it would grow, because I'd rather have live plants in the back than those plastic ones in the corner. But they aren't big enough to get a picture of yet. Also some long strands of java moss are showing up here and there in the tank.

Java fern is grown, both the smaller plants on there have new leaves, and the largest holds on by itself now.

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