29 August 2015

snails and fishes

Well even if the plants are still not at their best, my fishes are all doing fine. The barbs move so quick it's hard to get a photo that's not a blur (although this shows nice form)
I did get a decent picture of Buster
The newer barbs seem to have settled in nicely- their colors are just as bold as the older females' and I can only tell them apart now because they're a bit smaller.
Here's two kuhlis wiggling around so busy all the time- I just wish the striped ones were as robust as these guys
and Ramsi the snail hanging onto a slender leaf.
I have both tomato nerites in the same tank now. You'd think a creature as simple as a snail can't tell the difference between itself and a nerite of a different shell, but I think they do. I've occasionally seen a tumpet snail crawling over a nerite, and once the ramshorn briefly on a nerite shell. Never Dimple or Bumblebee Snail with another kind of nerite. But very frequently now I see the two tomato nerites on each other.
They have definitely found each other.

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