29 August 2015


in the fishtank- I'm not sure. Some of my plants are doing better, others look awful.
Newer plants- the windelov java fern is busting out babies. Look at the bottom of the pics- little fiddleheads uncurling on every rhizome,
and baby plants growing off the ends of leaf fingers, with long fuzzy roots hanging down. It looks kind of crazy and messy, but soon as I figure where to situate them, I'll detach the young plants. (I don't like this mountain of a fake root anymore, except that it's fun to see the kuhlis climb up it, want to replace with some real wood pieces, shorter.... )
I tried this bunch of grass-like plant annoyed now I can't remember the name of it or find the package label- it's not a microsword or hairgrass or vallisneria but something else. Anyway, it seems to be dying here. Maybe new foliage will grow as it adjusts, not sure.
The temple plant hygro compacta doesn't seem happy here. It hasn't grown any new leaves and is just deteriorating.
All I can say of water wisteria is that it's still alive.
My crypts are looking better, on the other hand- leaves increasing in size, newer foliage still has good color (holding off the algae more or less).
The anubias has a new shoot.
Vallisneria is putting out runners and baby plants (lower left)
Rotala could still be greener
and although the smaller aponos are starting to stand up taller and have presence in the tank (I notice them when walking by) they're both doing poorly lack of plant food last week I gave them root tabs this maintenance day. Good news is there was hardly any soft algae to rub off the leaves this time.

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