30 August 2015

fresh herbs

I caught a cold and two days in made myself some rosemary tea.
Then a second mug.
I felt loads better the next morning, had one more cup of rosemary tea and this cold seems beat. Woke up the fourth morning with a sore throat, but the rosemary plant looks too small to eat more of it.
So I dug dandelion roots from the backyard and roasted them. In the toaster over, it's a lot faster than before when I used the big oven. Delicious nutty chocolate-like smell. All the kids kept coming into the kitchen: "mommy, what are you cooking? what are you making?" then disappointed it was something they actually wouldn't like. I steeped it half coffee/half dandelion root. For the extra vitamins. Later in the day, sore throat all gone, it's as if I never had a cold.

And turns out C. likes the dandy coffee, so I'll be making more of this. Maybe it will be a regular thing in cold-and-flu season. Except I've dug almost all the good-sized roots in the yard, have to let the rest grow...

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