23 March 2015

the tenner

is not looking so good anymore. I think it's getting too much light. Anubias leaves don't appear as curled, but suddenly I noticed there's small grainy white specks everywhere- on the upper surface of leaves, on the driftwood, on the heater housing.  I'm trying to figure out what this is- it could be what's called biogenic decalcification- basically the plants pulling calcium carbonate out of the water because high light drives them to need it and I'm not supplying C02. But then why would it form on the driftwood and other surfaces, not just plants? I don't really understand it. Anyway, I'd been wondering for a while if my switch to a different light source was too much, just like the error I made with that on the 20gal.

Plus it's too easy to shift, current setup. The happy spider plant pot atop the tank that shades the anubias probably doesn't get put back in exactly the same spot after every tank cleaning, and the desklamp gets nudged around sometimes too- maybe it just got bumped into a different position last week.

The java ferns seem okay though. At least, they are all putting out new little shoots- but they also look peaky and some pinholes again. So this also indicates to me, they might need more now because the light is higher than what other nutrients I'm providing support.

Hm. Time to readjust perhaps. And because I can't get a good picture of the white specks or the tiny green java nubbins, here's a few quick pics of Oliver my beauty instead:

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