13 February 2015


My big aloe keeps getting injured by passerby.
I've decided I might as well make some use of it, and hope that its offspring reach full size as eventual replacement. I've occasionally used aloe gel for burns, but there are so many other things you can do with it. I decided to try something new, after looking up a few how-to's online.
Made a simple face wash. It's just aloe gel mixed with raw honey. First step is to cut off the spines of a mature leaf
and peel off the skin
I never did this before. Strange to see the translucent gel inside the leaf.
Then dissolve the gel a bit in boiling water. I don't think I did this step right- too much water or I didn't simmer it long enough- I still had clumps of gel when done. Mix with the honey in a small jar and keep refrigerated between uses.
I've been cleaning my face with it for the past two weeks. I can feel it tingling, but haven't really noticed a difference in my skin- lately have gone back to using my regular cleaner in the mornings, and the aloe gel/honey mix at night. But I have seen an unexpected result: decreased hair loss. I wasn't looking for this at all. I have very thick hair, so it's not something I worry about. I just noticed that the week I started using the aloe face wash, the amount of loose hair I comb out in the shower was significantly less- I'd say by seventy percent. And I didn't even put it on my scalp!

So I looked it up- yes, aloe is also used to promote healthy hair and combat hair loss. People make conditioners and rinses out of it. I was not at all expecting it to affect my hair, just from what the skin on my face absorbed. Interesting. I'm very curious to note if more hair will comb out again after I stop using the aloe face wash.

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