21 January 2015

water plants

All the pics were of watersprite last time, I forgot to put these in with notes once again on progress/decline. First the happy note: my favorite plant is looking good! (At least, the two biggest ones- smaller guys are catching up, too). This is the oldest one in back corner:
It just keeps on growing! Other plants don't seem quite as happy- the java fern in particular. Java leaves that were the best ones right after I started applying ferts have suddenly turned brown, blotchy, dying. New growth looks good- I wonder if it is just adjusting once again to the change in fert dose? Yikes
Crypts have uneven color too when I look close- so I still need to tweak things...
I had cut back the rotala to be all even height, but other stems have taken off now and hit the ceiling again. Will trim more out this friday probably:
The one amazon sword is really struggling. I think it has too much root competition!
In my smaller tank, once again I notice that the anubias has many dying blotched leaves, and the newest ones so pretty smooth green. But some yellow,
and the java fern in here looks like it is all suddenly dying. I think I shouldn't have reduced part of those ferts- going to give all norm dose this week again (and buy some chelated iron as well).
The saddest thing is not a plant. Smaller platyfish is in bad shape. Its fin was growing back but it got bitten just yesterday again- I still can't figure out who is the culprit. I should pull her out and put in QT but older heater broken, and the apartment is way too cold. I'm afraid I will loose this one.

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