05 December 2014

fish notes

Everything the same today, but a possible close call. I did the water changes, gave the same dose of ferts, added seven more root tabs to the twenty gallon (three last week, making total of ten). Plants continue to improve- new java leaves in the tenner are growing quickly, nice clean color. Lots of green life in the main tank
Rotala has hit the ceiling on both sides
Apono seems to be holding onto its foliage now, although leaves stay half the size as when the mature plant first came to me. I'm even starting to make out some strong cell structure on the leaves- very pretty.
Watersprite has nearly doubled in size.
But now I'm worried about Pinkie.
He looked fine this morning, but then suffered mishap. I had let the water level drop lower than normal- with the submerged heater now, it's not as crucial, has to drop very low for the filter to quit. Louder spashing noise, I noticed Pinkie struggling a bit against flow in one corner, but the barbs seemed to be enjoying it- hanging out in the outflow a lot- so I didn't top off before maintenance day. I didn't realize the lower water level would cause stronger current? or Pinkie just got into the wrong spot because all the fishes were rooting along the substrate for spirulina I fed this morning. I stepped out of the room and came back a few minutes later to find Pinkie stuck to the filter intake. Quickly shut it off and he swam free. It's lucky I came back in the room so soon, or he could have drowned. Doesn't seem to be injured- a few marks on tail just before the fin- he's got strong scales! Seemed okay, was acting normal until just as I finished up the water change and dosing plant foods.

Now he's hiding under the java log. For over half an hour.
Or scared of something? He looks a bit stunned, but I don't know why. All the other fishes seem fine- the barbs are calm (didn't even flinch when I added ferts today- dissolved it first again) and the kuhlis did their normal happy wiggles. Keeping a close eye on him. The only thing I did different today was filling a clean five-gallon bucket for refill water, instead of the one-gallon pitcher. I did rinse the bucket out and wipe it down first (paper towel)- could something in there still have harmed him?

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Jeane said...

I saw Pinkie from a different angle when he was resting vertical against a java root. His belly very round, looked the shape of a tadpole- fat round front, narrow tail. I think he overate this morning. Saw him grab a large chunk of spirulina and carry it away from the mob of barbs, but I didn't think he would manage to swallow it all himself! He's acting more normal now, has come out of hiding. A day of fasting will put right.