26 December 2012

yellow and pink

All the repotting I did the other day ended me up with one large plastic pot empty again. So I took the poor Mum, which is still bravely flowering (although it hasn't straightened out at all) and shifted its quarters. Good thing, as the pink ceramic pot it was in (zero drainage) was causing rot. It's still in a too-small pot but that's better than rotting. I'm going to smash that pink pot and use it for shards, so I don't put any other plants in there to suffer.
The yellow flowers are starting to have a pink tint on the edges, which I like even though it means the flowers will die off soon.
In spite of its stress, I discovered that it has young leaves
and fresh new growth at the base.
So I will cut it down after the flowers die, see if it regrows well.

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Chris Howard said...

I love mums so much!! One of my favorite things about them is how easily they reseed themselves. They just grow forever given the opportunity if you keep cutting them back :)