17 December 2012

reaching high

My obstinate Avocado plant. I had hoped that since its top got cut off, the new growth would branch out.
But instead one leafy shoot is growing tall, the other remains a little nub.
I keep an eye on it, enjoying the appearance of new foliage even if it isn't growing the way I want it to. Sometimes the new shoot is bending one way, sometimes another. I have a feeling that if I put a camera on it and sped up the film, it would be waving back and forth, looking for something to hold onto. Don't avocadoes naturally grow into tall slender things seeking light at the rain forest canopy?


Chris Howard said...

It'll branch eventually! I REALLY need to do this!!! You know what? I have two hours between my client and work tomorow…I totally might go buy an avocado just to do this :p

Jeane said...

You might want to try a few. I started out with eight avocado pits suspended over water, and only got four to grow, two made it into mature plants.