20 December 2012

mint chocolate!

I have finally used some of my chocolate Mint plant. The other day pinched off a handful of fresh leaves
diced them small and mixed into cookie batter.
The mint-chocolate-chip cookies came out a little crisper than I like, but tasted great! A very distinct minty flavor. Wonderful crumbled up into a dish of vanilla ice cream.... Definitely something I'm going to repeat. The kids love them, too.
It's not really the holiday season unless you're baking goodies, right?


Chris Howard said...

Duh! I've never even thought of using actual mint to make mint chocolate chip cookies but that is such a great idea!!! I have been wanting to make a batch of mint sugar..you just put a few sprigs in with some sugar and give the jar a good shake every day for a few days and voila! I think you can do the same thing with orange peels to make orange sugar! believe it or not, I've actually killed off my mint :( It got too small for it's pot and I kept forgetting to water it and when I do water it it sucks up the water so quickly. Miht put it in a bigger pot and see if it'll come back!

Jeane said...

Mint sugar sounds fantatsic! I just tried it brewed in my coffee the other day and that definitely changed the flavor, but not quite how I liked...