11 December 2012


The other day I peered into the heart of an African Violet to check on the progress of new leaves that were budding, and saw this growing.
Flower buds!
I looked in the other plant and that one has buds, too. They are still so small and hidden it is like a secret the plant is keeping from me. Not noticeable unless you look very very closely. You don't know how excited I am about this- I wondered if they ever would bloom again.

The key is light. If your violets won't rebloom, give them more light!


Chris said...

I wish I could give mine more light :( I don't have any windows in my counseling office so I keep them directly under a lamp that's always on…the leaves continue to look gorgeous and are always growing new leaves, but it just won't flower. Maybe I should get a higher watt bulb?

Jeane said...

I'm not sure. There might be something in sunlight that is lacking from the lamplight- that's why there are special grow lights.