05 December 2012


The other day I felt an urge to start new plants, so I looked at what I had...

This African Violet when I look closer actually has three centers from which leaves spring, so when it gets a bit larger I could probably divide it.
Looking very closely there are two little green nubs at the base of these leaves that I think are forming yet another center!
From the other Violet plant I took this young plant that was growing at its base, and put in its own small pot.
My Spider plants are starting to look very healthy. I always worried they seemed a bit peaky, droopy but now their color is brighter, they are all growing new leaves, standing taller and even (as my daughter noticed and pointed out) the brown tips are disappearing.
The biggest plant had a few "babies" on runners, so I put those in small pots nearby, still attached to the mother plant and pinned down in contact with the soil using an unbent paper clip.
I've also pinched a few stems of Mint and stuck in a vase full of water. This was not long ago and already they are growing roots.
And while I was at it, messing around with plants, I stuck that "mystery plant" brought home from a nature walk in a small pot of soil, just to see what it does. Still haven't identified it. I can find lots of identification guides online about flowers, herbs, trees, pretty plants but not much to help me identify a drab grayish-colored undergrowth plant, probably quite common, that only stood out to me because the hillside was so barren...

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