15 November 2012


I've been trying to find the best spot for some of the plants, moving them here and there to see where they do best or look nicest. The Boston Fern looked lovely on the balcony but I think it was a bit too cold there.
So I brought it inside to sit just in front of the window. It might have to move again though, as now it sits under a heat vent. We'll see...
The small hanging Spider Plant has moved from its spot on the wall to hang off the end of a kitchen cupboard. I think it was getting too much light and this is just a bit further from the window.
The Poinsettia has moved into a window that only gets indirect light, and its centerpiece spot on the table has been taken by the African Violets. A bit more reading online tells me that they grow longer petioles and don't flower because not enough light. So maybe here they'll do better.


Chris said...

That would explain why my poor african violet in my office doesn't ever flower :( It just doesn't get any light. It does great with just the lamps and fluorescents..the leaves are beautiful...but it never flowers..sigh.

Jeane said...

Someone once told me (or was it a book?) that african violets need some form of stress in order to flower- rootbound, not enough water, etc. I don't know if that's true or not but it always stuck in my mind.