02 November 2012

plants in boxes

I moved last week, and the best way to transport my fifty-odd potted plants, was just to set them in boxes.
The Avocado plant (behind the dragon-tree here) was so tall I worried it wouldn't fit in a vehicle, plus it was starting to look top-heavy, so I bit my lip and cut the upper third of its stem off. Crossing my fingers that it sprouts multiple new shoots! (Those little side-shoots that were emerging before never grew into anything.)

Most of the plants ended up traveling in an open-bed truck, luckily it was just a short distance.
The smaller houseplants in shallow boxes went on the floor of someone's car, I believe.
I was glad of the many plants living in SIP containers; it was easy to nestle them close to each other and fill up a box; this one full of houseplants has ten specimens in it, I believe.
And they all made it just fine! Not even much shock. Will post further on settling in and gardening in small spaces.


Chris said...

Can't WAIT to hear your tips on gardening in smaller spaces as I'm now doing the same!! This should be fun :D

Jeane said...

Well, there won't be too many tips at first as I'm learning all over again. Mostly just trial-and-error, but you can follow along and learn from my mistakes!