19 October 2012

garden seed

In the throes of more moving preparation, I took a break from packing boxes to go through my seed packets. Now they're all nicely sorted into three separate jars: herbs, flowers and ornamentals, veggies.
And this pile is all the stuff that I don't think will grow well in containers, or needs more sun than my balcony will probably get.
Who wants some seed? It's all up for giveaway. Just leave a comment telling what you'd like and it's first come, first serve. The varieties and sources are to the best of my knowledge- some are saved seed off plants I grew, or off plants Chris grew that he swapped with me last year. The date is either from what was printed on the packets (when the seed is supposed to expire) or when it was harvested for home-picked seed. I've planted from these packets saved in my fridge every year and most all still grow fine for me....

I would save them longer but I'm in an apartment indefinitely now and if it's another five or ten years before I have a patch of real ground again for sure these seed will be expired. So I'd rather they go to someone who can grow them!

Here's what I've got:

Orange Cosmos (home harvest) 2010
Green Beans, bush variety (home harvest) 2010
Cypress? seed picked off a shrub in my mom's yard 2011
Pumpkin, light orange smooth (Chris' harvest) ?
Cedar? seed picked off a shrub 2010
Watermelon, sugar baby (Chris' harvest) 2011
Green Okra (Chris' harvest) ?
Brussel Sprouts (Chris' harvest) 2012
Burgundy Okra (Chris' harvest) ?
Cantaloupe (Chris' harvest) 2011

Sunflower, evening sun mix (Burpee) 2010
Beets, Detroit dark red (Ferry-Morse) 2011
Wheatgrass- organic (mountain Rose Herbs) 2011
Orange Cosmos (National Home Gardening Club) 2010
Cauliflower, early snowball A (Ferry-Morse) 2009
Cantaloupe, Ambrosia hybrid (Burpee) 2010
Zucchini, Fordhook giant (Burpee) 2010
Pumpkin, jack-o-lantern (Lake Valley Seed) 2009
Turnip, purple-top organic (Martha Stewart) 2010
Broccoli, organic de Cicco (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange) 2011
Peas, oregon sugar pod/snow peas (Lake Valley Seed) 2010
Sweet Corn, early sunglow hybrid (Burpee) 2009
Pole Snap Beans, kentucky wonder (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange) 2011
Watermelon, sugar baby icebox size (Lake Valley Seed) 2010
Rhubarb, paragon (Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Co) 2011
Peppers, hot mix (Burpee) -japlapeno, hungarian wax, ancho and cayenne 2009
Squash variety mix (Burpee) from the picture it looks like spaghetti, acorn, butternut and fourth unknown


MOM said...

I would be willing to take the Cosmos, beans, pumpkin, brussel sprouts, sunflower, beets, cauliflower, turnip, broccoli peas, rhubarb, squash mix. But do me last after others have had a chance.

patsy said...

you are moving away from your garden??? I MISSED OUT SOME HOW AND AM IN COMPLETE SHOCK. yOU CAN'T LIVE WITH A GARDEN, WHAT HAS HAPPEN? I AM JUST SO BROKEN HEARTED. I know you are very busy but could you drop me a line on my blog and tell me what happen?

Jeane said...

Mom- well, no one else has even asked for any seed so I'm sure I can send you those! I'd be real curious to see if you can grow the rhubarb, I never heard of anyone growing it from seed.