13 September 2012

mock strawberry update

My mock strawberry-turned-houseplant seems to have adjusted well to being indoors in a plastic SIP. It's even growing some new leaves.
I like the way it looks in the bathroom trailing over the windowsill, making a nice visual balance with the cyclamen on the other side.
But it's starting to get some leaf burn. This could be a number of causes- either it isn't getting enough light and is too cold (in which case I just have to move it back to the front-room window) or it's getting too much water (a possibility as it's a drought-tolerant plant) or it doesn't like tapwater and needs to have rainwater only. I think I'll try changing the watering habits first...
On the other hand, it has produced a few tiny yellow flowers and red fruits! I just learned that these plants are not only ornamental, they have a variety medicinal uses and you can make a jam from the little fruits. Who knew! the wonders the internet will teach you...

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