29 July 2012

sub-irrigated update

I was just noticing how beautifully my sub-irrigated houseplants are growing. The African Violets look wonderfully healthy, even though they haven't started blooming again yet.
I have one new Spider Plant baby in a SIP,
and the hanging one continues to do well (oops bad photo).
I'm amazed at how the Poinsettia is thriving.
It's twice as big as last time I took a photo!
The roots have found their way down through the wicking cloth into the reservoir.
And the Cyclamen lives in my bathroom (on the windowsill).
I'm not sure if this one is doing as well as it should. The leaves are paler than when I bought it, perhaps because it doesn't get as much light? It has a more open growing habit, the stems aren't as straight, and it's lost a lot of leaves, but also continues to grow new ones.
I guess it's a good sign it hasn't completely died back, in spite of the heat we've had? I'm hoping when it gets cold again it might perk up more and flower once more.

The only plants that didn't do well in SIPs were my jades. They're happier now back in sandy draining pots. I do want to convert more of my houseplant containers to SIPs but have to get ahold of the right kind of plastic bottles first...


Chris said...

They all look great! The only two SIPs I have left are two citrus trees but they're both doing fantastic! They're tiny but still thriving.

Jeane said...

I've tried twice to grow from orange seeds but none ever germinated for me. What's your secret?