30 July 2012

small harvest

This morning picked fresh a few big Tomatoes, some green Bell Peppers for pizza tonight, and a nice stem of Green Onions. Also my first two Orka! Tossed in the freezer, as Chris advised, until I have more. Still don't know what I'm going to do with it, but maybe I better get used to plants that love hot weather and figure out how to eat them.
Because the rest are succumbing. I had to pull most of my large tomato plants and the two cherries, all sick and nasty. Had to cut down those tall bean poles and trash it all- diseased and bug-ridden. I cut up the broccoli plants into compost as well- what with the weather they just taste bitter. Crawling with harlequin beetles too. Ugh.

Well, the Okra looks lovely and the carrots and beets seem to be holding on, but the garden looks much diminished now. Only the Zucchini and Pumpkins look really lush and stunning, and those Pumpkins are growing sooooo fast! But the cucumber beetles are back; I spend every morning picking them out of blossoms to squish. Don't know if I'll be able to keep ahead of them and keep the plants healthy...

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Chris said...

It all looks fantastic :D