26 July 2012


So a few days ago it was cool enough to put the kids in the wading pool and catch up on some serious weeding in the garden. I made a few happy discoveries.

The Tithonias are starting to bloom!
I have baby Pumpkins! And these are the eating kind, for pie (excited).
The Okra is really starting to grow.
There's a few pods on the plants! But only two or three so far- how long do they keep after you pick 'em? I think I'll have to save some up to have enough for a dish.


Chris said...

So awesome Jeane!!!! What I do with my okra is just put them in a freezer bag as I cut them and when I have a quart sized bag full, I cook them! I know you're supposed to parboil them first probably, but I don't and they've always been just fine. I literally cut them, rinse them off and toss them in a freezer bag and put it in the freezer and just keep adding to it. Then either chop them up into pieces and fry them or chop them up and stew them down with some tomatoes! Delicious!!

Jeane said...

Sounds easy to save them, thanks Chris! And thanks to you for the seeds, as well!