13 July 2012


My two Echincea plants fell over in the storm a week or so ago, but the flower heads have lifted up again.
Saw a new bug on a pink Cosmos flower. Anyone know what it is? I don't think it's a cricket or a lacewing, which were my first two guesses.
The Marigold plants, although still small, are starting to bloom and make bright spots in the garden.
I have one volunteer Sunflower! a terrible picture of it, for some reason the camera kept focusing on the fence in the background.


Chris said...

Beautiful flowers :D My purple coneflowers are doing really well too but the poor red ones died :( I think I didn't give them enough room..the pot I put them in was too small. Sorry I can't help identify your bug!

Jeane said...

I've never seen red coneflowers. Must be pretty! Yeah, they have really deep roots I think.