04 June 2012

new ones

I've been visiting with family this past week, and acquired two new plants! My mom came to visit me from Seattle and she brought all the way on a plane a little Creeping Charlie cutting. I've always liked this plant, but never could find them in nurseries here. The plant they call creeping charlie around here is a thing that invades my lawn, not a houseplant (I tried to tame it once with poor results). So! Here is the little cutting after a week in a jar of water- it has roots growing already.
And I've started it in a little pot. The leaf edges are burning a little; I had it in front of a curtained window but think it needs more indirect light so I'm moving it further away.
Then when I went to my sister's house in Maryland over the weekend, got some Forsythia cuttings. I've always wanted Forsythia in my yard, I love the bright yellow early spring blooms. (One of the few yellow flowers I'm fond of). She can't believe I wanted some because in her yard it's trying to take over! apparently wherever the limbs touch the ground they start rooting so it spreads very easily. You have to cut it back well each year. But I'm glad to have it and already plan where it's going to go; just have to clear the spot out.

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