20 June 2012


I have found another terrible pest in the garden. This one might be as bad as the cucumber beetles were. Japanese beetles. On my green beans. I squashed one but saw two more that escaped me. They apparently eat everything and the larvae live in your lawn and the only way to get rid of except spraying pesticide is hand-picking. Groan.
I have not yet discovered if they spread disease.... They are kinda pretty, though.


Chris said...

They are pretty, but they're a pain in the ass! Excuse my french :p I had them one year when I grew yellow squash..they loved them, but strangely never bothered the plants...they lived underneath the plants and would swarm around the garden which was the biggest pain. I could never get rid of them either because I refuse to use pesticides, lol

Jeane said...

I'm in the no-poison camp, too. Makes it hard to deal with some bugs, though!