08 June 2012

drying herbs

I cut a bunch of herbs to dry. Collected them on a try between paper towels to keep them from mixing up.
I cut some Dill
Summer Savory
Pineapple Sage
regular Sage
and Parsley
Most of them I tied into bundles
and hung in paper bags (this is supposed to keep the color better)
The Oregano the stems were too short and many to tie into a bundle easily, so those I dried in the oven from this
to this pretty quick.


Chris said...

Beeeeauuuuutiful! I use the paperbag technique myself :) I think I actually got that idea from you! Let me know what you do with your pineapple sage!! I have tons of it growing. I find that I absolutely love the smell, but it really doesn't have much of a flavor. I made some chicken wings with it once with tons of it in a marinade and you could still barely taste it :( At least it makes gorgeous flowers when it blooms and it always smells amazing :) It's one of my favorite herbs to tear and smell.

Jeane said...

Yeah, I love the scent of pineapple sage but when we put it on pizza (I had forgotten to buy real pineapple) with ham, you had to concentrate real hard to taste it. Lemon balm is another like that- I've put tons of lemon balm on fish before and the flavor just doesn't come through. But it smells wonderful in the garden.