07 June 2012

bean poles

My mother pointed out when she visited that my makeshift green bean poles, a little shorter than myself, were not adequate if the plants would grow to six or eight feet (what the packet said).
So I asked my neighbor's permission, she has a huge bamboo thicket in her backyard. I spent an afternoon cutting poles and trimming off the foliage (which the kid used to make cushiony beds and peacock tails, and I later chopped up for mulch under the pepper plants).
Then set them up instead of the sticks and easel posts.
It looks much better this way! Plus I already see the plants stretching to grow.
It was very tricky to unwind the vines and rewind them around the new poles but I managed with only breaking one tendril end off. I hope that vine recovers and can grow tall again!


MOM said...

Now you will need a ladder to pick your tall pole beans.

Jeane said...

Yep! I figure I might just leave the ones out of reach to mature into seed for next year's beans.