27 May 2012


This is my first ever Rhubarb-Strawberry pie all from the garden. Picked so many Strawberries we all had some for breakfast, then I sorted the rest and cut some up for pie
with this bowl overflowing for fresh eating.
Here's the Rubarb older daughter helped me pick. The stems are kinda skinny, so I took one fat one off a plant that already got enough picked for the season...
Here's the pie shell filled and ready to have the top crust put on.
Oooh, it was so good! as you can see we ate most of it before I got a chance to photo the finished product.


Chris said...

I'm AMAZED by all of the strawberries that you got!! I've never gotten that many..but then again mine are in a pot, not in the ground. My plants are 3 years old now though and the strawberries taste the best they ever have!!`

Jeane said...

Well, I do have eight plants, plus some of their offspring now! The guy at the garden center was astonished when after asking the price per strawberry plant I bought a whole flat of them! But I'm glad I did- this year I haven't quite kept up with them but next year I'm definitely going to make jam.