10 May 2012

new stuff

I finally planted these bulbs and tubers bought at the garden show alongside my herbs. Of course, they'd started sprouting in the bag but I still hope they'll be okay and grow for me. The fat tubers are a "flowering fern" from the Himalayas (hm, not sure if that's a good idea putting something from another country in my backyard? but they sure are pretty from the pictures I've seen).
The little fat bulbs are some oriental lilies. We'll see how they do!


James Ward said...

Do you know what type of tubers those are ? I bought some at a garden show mixed in with lilies.


Jeane said...

Sorry, I don't know. It was called a flowering fern, because the foliage looks similar, but it's not a fern. It did not survive in my garden and I'm afraid I did not save the leaflet that described the plant. I do know it originated in the Himalayas. Not a native plant.

James Ward said...

Thanks for the info? I tried searching flowering fern and found incarvillea. I wasn't sure if they were winter hardy so I'll be sure to pull them up in the fall.

Thanks for your help.

Jeane said...

Yes, that is the same plant! I recognize the pictures, from what was shown in the booth I bought them at. Mine never flowered. They are actually supposed to be quite hardy, don't take my failure to mean anything.